Let us talk about Trick-O-Treat the custom which is literally the best! Watching children and adults dressed as a different character just makes me feel like a kid again. It just adds one more star to the epic Halloween.
Children go from house to house, threatening the owners by the very scary statement, “Trick or Treat!”. But whats the story behind this let’s get into it.
The trick-or-treat custom is known to have various origins. I’ll discuss the two most popular ones.
1)1920s belief:
Some people believe that in the mid-late 1920s a group of people, wandered among different houses, performing different acts in exchange for food and drink. Many believe this evolved into the trick-or-treat concept.

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2)Celtic belief:
In Celtic culture, some people impersonated the souls of the dead in the exchange of good fortune. Although its hard to draw the similarity between these two, but it involved exchange to avoid something bad to happen. That’s why people believe that may have evolved into modern age trick-o-treat.

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No matter the origin but every one of us enjoys Halloween. Nowadays people decorate their houses indicating that they are willing to give out candies to costumized children. Many of them even offer free candies placed around their houses, so that children are supposed to find them and eat them.

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Overall, Halloween is a great festival. I wish my country would’ve celebrated Halloween because I really wish to participate.
Nevertheless, Its festival time in India, too! Indias most awaited festival is coming! Its the end of Halloween but its the beginning of something new!
Stay tuned! And once again happy Halloween!

halloween decors
Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

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