15 classic myths debunked!

MYTH 1: Human memory is a recording of what happened.
Whenever we face a scenario, whatever it may be our mind remembers it. It learns it. And as per our thought process, we can memorize as well as imagine the scenario. But while imagining this its never like a recording. A recording is more of a continuous term. You get distorted images rather than debunked. So yes this was the recording myth.

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MYTH 2: The 300 myth

All of us love the 300 movie. The bravery and courage of those Spartans were absolutely astonishing. They withstood the vast Persian army and they won. But the question is, did they? Sorry, but the 300 movie is historically inaccurate. Actually, the Spartans had considerable help from different alliances. Although their fierce fight is always highly appreciable, the warriors never were 300. The count was a lot more than that.
MYTH 3: Edison-Light bulb?

light light bulb bulb heat
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What do you know, who invented the light bulb? Well I know it was Edison. But although Edison is generally credited for the invention of the light bulb, he actually didn’t invent the light bulb. He just provided a much better version than the previous versions. The previous versions consumed a lot of power and were practically useless. Thomas just improvised them to create a practically the usable bulb not invent.
MYTH 4: Penny from empire state

skyline new york empire state building skyscraper
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They say if we drop a penny from empire state building, and if it hits a person on the sidewalk then he/she might actually die. Sounds horrific! Well, not as horrific as you think. It was proven wrong both scientifically and experimentally( I don’t know how!).
MYTH 5: 10% of the brain.

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No, absolutely not! This is one of the most popular belief. I even believed that. But it turned out to be false. The human brain is working constantly whether we know it or not. The popular myth that some part of our brain is unused and could be subsequently activated just rests in the folklore. It is true that some parts of your brain are more actively working than others but that doesn’t mean that any part remains silent.
MYTH 6: Lightning never strikes the same place twice again.

photo of lightning
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It probably originated from the old saying that “lightning never strikes the same place again”. Any veteran storm researcher or observer will tell you to your face that such a “phenomenon” does not exist. Nevertheless its a pretty dangerous myth.
MYTH 7: Bats are blind

black bat
People believe that bats are blind and can only use sound waves for perceptive movement. They do use sound waves but that doesn’t mean they are blind. They see almost as well as humans, during the daytime. However during the night their night, their sense of hearing is more important than vision.
MYTH 8: Bulls and the RED color

man holding red textile in front of black bull
As common as it is, bulls charge towards red color. At least that’s what you know. But in truth, they are color blind! They cannot distinguish between that red and white color. They are probably instigated by the movement of the cape and thus get angry.
MYTH 9: The dark side of the moon

half-moon illustration
Moon doesn’t have a “dark side”. The part which we see as the dark part is constantly changing due to moon’s and earth’s motion. Which is basic science?
MYTH 10: The Vikings and the horned helmet.

Vikings word has a stereotype of horned helmets. But in reality, they didn’t have a horned helmet as their disguise. Archeologists have discovered a single helmet which was horned! It originates to costume made by 1870s costume designer Carl Emil Doepler to depict Viking characters which cause the stereotype.
MYTH 11: Water is a conductor of electricity

close-up photography of droplets
It is not. Why don’t you try putting your hand in electrocuted water? No! don’t ever do that! It will definitely give you a shock. Because although water is not a conductor, the salts present in it are. They will conduct electricity.
MYTH 12: TV and the eyes

Sitting too close to TV is NOT harmful to your eyes. It will give you a headache at the most but nothing permanent. Your eye cells don’t get damaged because of that. Sorry parents!
MYTH 13: Ice cream and the cold.

strawberry ice cream on cone
Eating ice cream can get you a cold. But it doesn’t imply that when you eat ice cream when you are cold will make your cold worse. So next time don’t hold back because you have a runny nose!
MYTH 14:8 glasses of water

clear drinking glass filled with water
Yes, I know. The human body consists of 75% of water and we should drink as much water as possible. Wait. The human body consists of water but you should drink water only when you feel to. there is no specific measurement bar of 8 glasses. But its sometimes good to keep yourself hydrated.
MYTH 15: 5 second-food-floor

biscuits with box on gray surface
I dropped a chocolate(unwrapped). But picked it up in 5 secs. My friend right beside me said to me that its safe to eat. I asked why. He replied with a statement
“Anything edible when dropped on the floor is safe to eat if picked up again in 5 secs.”
I did some digging. And not surprisingly found out that it’s not. Microorganisms take microseconds to attach to food. So don’t consider it safe. Because it’s definitely not.

So these were 15 classic myths debunked! Do you know any more? Let us know in comments section!

Trick-or-Treat explained in lesser than 270 words!

Let us talk about Trick-O-Treat the custom which is literally the best! Watching children and adults dressed as a different character just makes me feel like a kid again. It just adds one more star to the epic Halloween.
Children go from house to house, threatening the owners by the very scary statement, “Trick or Treat!”. But whats the story behind this let’s get into it.
The trick-or-treat custom is known to have various origins. I’ll discuss the two most popular ones.
1)1920s belief:
Some people believe that in the mid-late 1920s a group of people, wandered among different houses, performing different acts in exchange for food and drink. Many believe this evolved into the trick-or-treat concept.

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2)Celtic belief:
In Celtic culture, some people impersonated the souls of the dead in the exchange of good fortune. Although its hard to draw the similarity between these two, but it involved exchange to avoid something bad to happen. That’s why people believe that may have evolved into modern age trick-o-treat.

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No matter the origin but every one of us enjoys Halloween. Nowadays people decorate their houses indicating that they are willing to give out candies to costumized children. Many of them even offer free candies placed around their houses, so that children are supposed to find them and eat them.

children holding firecrackers outdoors
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orange plastic bucket
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Overall, Halloween is a great festival. I wish my country would’ve celebrated Halloween because I really wish to participate.
Nevertheless, Its festival time in India, too! Indias most awaited festival is coming! Its the end of Halloween but its the beginning of something new!
Stay tuned! And once again happy Halloween!

halloween decors
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Halloween- time to freak out!

The festival of pumpkins, candies and horrific costumes comes! The one of its kind, Halloween is the festival which excites me the most. Everything that makes Halloween unique is so unique!

candle creepy dark decoration
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But, since many countries don’t celebrate Halloween, I would love to talk about Halloween, its customs and the reasons behind them. So without a further a due, let’s dive deep into it!
1)Halloween – the origins
Halloween has its roots with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. Pope Gregory III designated 1st of November as a day to honor all saints. They called this day All saints day. Thereafter, All saints day custom incorporated some traditions of Samhain. The evening before this day was All Hallows Eve, which later became Halloween.

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2)Naming and significance:
Halloween is a contracted form of Hallow’s evening. It is also known as Allhalloween, All-hallows Eve or All saints eve.
This day marks the end of summer (and hence the end of the harvest) as well as the beginning of cold dark winter. Celts believed that the boundary separating us from the world of the dead is blurred( spooky right?!). This time of year is frequently associated with human death.

black and white cemetery christ church
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During ancient times, to commemorate this glorious event, Druids built huge sacred bonfires. The people gathered around the bonfire and burned crops and animals. It was a custom Celtic people in the worshiping of Celtic gods. Also, during this custom, celts wore animal skins and heads as a disguise. Which probably evolved into ghostly costumes which we see today.

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Todays Halloween
Today, we celebrate Halloween with traditions like trick-or-treating, jack-o-lanterns, and much more fun.
We will discover more about Halloween in our upcoming blogs.

The art to get what you want.

Everyone wants to get the best out of our lives. Each one of us has different dreams and fantasies. We all wish to raise up above our current state so badly. Fulfill our deepest desires. We really wish to but don’t have the courage to. The fear overwhelms us. We don’t honestly believe ourselves that we will make it to the other side. We are afraid of losing everything after putting everything at stake.

It is somewhat true for every person around us. While at the same time we find it a lot easier to rely on different sources like people and things. We try to limit ourselves around these comfort zones.
Depending, we are certainly not going to get out there and get what we want. We have to stand up on our own without relying on someone. We have to take charge of OUR OWN life. We can’t expect anyone to do that. We must choose to stand up on our own. It might seem hard or even impossible to get through it. But it is the only way to live the life of OUR VERY OWN dreams to the full extent. The sole way to get those things we want. Nothing less, no adjustment, only more of it. Don’t be satisfied with what you have. Don’t be satisfied with those incomplete dreams. Thrive to get more of it. Don’t let those jobs choose what you need to dream. Make the choices of your dreams on your own. Browse through the opportunities and choose the ones you feel most comfortable with. Don’t trust the word impossible.whatever you choose it has to be yours because you chose it. Make it yours. Work your way up to get it. Fight for it and live it. Don’t let anything or anyone to intervene between you and your dreams. Get yourself ready to live the life of your dreams. Pull yourself NOW from the mess and get ready to fight.

Ovethinking- Stop it

What exactly is Overthinking?
Overthinking is nothing but feeling superabundant. It can lead to unhealthy consequences if not concluded. An individual starts thinking way too much about something literally irrelevant. They feel the depths of their emotions, particularly negative ones. It can also lead to various mental health disorders.
Primarily when people don’t feel like they are being heard they start to think emphatically. They feel they don’t have anyone to talk to and that’s why they increase their thinking speed! Although there are various reasons observed for people to overthink,
here are some 7 effective ways to stop overthinking.
1.Being receptive
Just like anything you ever wish to change, you need to be aware of your overthinking. Be aware of your thoughts. Think about what you are thinking! It will take a while to come around such a thing, but once you do it will help you to keep track of your thoughts. Don’t try to suppress your thoughts. Just look at them from a different perspective.

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Be positive. This is the most effective way to overcome overthinking. Be grateful for who you are. How you are different from others. And be ecstatic for the fact that you have the outstanding courage to be different in the midst of all the people around you. Don’t let any negative thoughts overwhelm you. Instead, overwhelm them. As you have the power to choose who you want to be, choose to be positive. Use positive affirmations. Have a positive outlook, explore the world with an optimistic perspective.

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3.Wider perspective.
Look at yourself from a wider perspective. Think about what are you worried about now, is it gonna matter after 5 years of your life? I bet you will get to know that it will be insignificant. So instead of wallowing get yourself off that depressing bed and get yourself out of this funk! I mean seriously, you have great things planned ahead of you. And this is not what you planned. Neither you plan on being a failure. Look and feel from above about what you feel.

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4. No soap can kill 100% germs. They can only kill 99.99%!!!!
I know it sounds silly but its true. Nobody is perfect. Because there is literally no one who can tell you what exactly is perfect. You cross a line and then notice that there is a new line to cross. Life is limitless. You can never be perfect. Accept it and grow through your flaws.

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5.Time limit
Be your own boss. Make your own deadlines. Work your ass off to complete those tasks. Don’t give your mind to think those thoughts which deteriorate your productivity. Instead get your mind used to be productive.

shallow focus of clear hourglass
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Now at the end of a long working day, where you gave your best and are very upbeat with such a productive day. OR today you did nothing. you just wasted your time without even knowing it. Whatever is the outcome, reflect it at the end of the day. If you did everything as it was supposed to be, give a pat on the back! Unfortunately, if it didn’t work out for you then understand what went wrong. Learn from your mistakes. Burn the bridges. Make sure it won’t happen again. Get ready for the next day.

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7. Be a person of action.
Here is the next day. You have prepared your to-do list and are ready to take action. So the first task is to go through a painstaking pile of paper. Then you say to yourself, maybe it is better if you do this at some other time of the day. And you move on to a much easier task. You give it exceedingly more than enough time. And then you end up having less than enough time to complete your to-do list. This shouldn’t happen. If you decide something, then nobody is supposed to change it. Not even you. Complete your to-do list as fast as you can. Get your head out of the clouds back to the desk where it belongs. Take charge of what needs to be done.

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So these were the 7 most effective tips. It will definitely work for you. If it doesn’t please let me know in the comments. And of course, you can mail me anytime you feel up to.

The world is not cold.

Growing up, everyone is told like a million times that the world is grim. It’s cold. Each and everyone is greedy, egotistical, mean and much more. You cannot ( are not supposed to)trust anyone but you. I was told likewise. When I refused to believe. They told that you will come to know this thing when you have more experience.
As my judgment was distinctive, I started finding people who share the same judgment. I came to know about the story of two people. John and Ryan.
John and Ryan had a very different relationship. They were friends at the same time John was a student and Ryan was a mentor. John was much younger than Ryan. Initially learning from each other was very fun for them. They always cared about each other.
One day Ryan decided to work on the weakness of John. John was an HSP( Highly Sensitive Person. This state is known to come hereditary.) He didn’t acknowledge it as a weakness.

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He just burst out of tears whenever he was angry, confused or hurt. Even arguing made him cry. Tears were just ready to flow out of his tears. It was natural for him. He had absolutely no control over it. He didn’t consider himself weak because of HSP nature. He considered himself to be able to feel the depths of human emotions. He kinda liked it. But nobody knew that he was an HSP. It was his secret, he never intended to tell anyone.
So thinking John was fragile, Ryan decided to make him emotionally stronger. Whenever he taught something to John he was way too harsh on that criticism. He was using horrible and mean words even sharper than arrows. Ryan thought if he would practice becoming harsher than the world out there, John will not have any difficulty adapting to the world out there.
John noticed it. But due to his HSP nature, he was extensively being hurt. It was like he had new wounds every day before he could cover his old ones. He started following “tit for tat” and started responding in an abrupt way. Ryan though his plan is working. But it wasn’t true. He was broke on the inner side of his body. Since John was a teen and Ryan was older than him, John pitied himself believing that world is really a harsh place. He gave up on his assumption, that the world is good. Even after he realized that Ryan continued to behave that consistently. Ryan was happy more than sad. Because he believed that John is on the right path.
After a few years, when John got to know the world, absolutely. He was 10 feet away from every person. He could not just let someone in. But then he met people. He couldn’t stop seeing the actual good there is in people. Those people resurrected his faith in the world. He was reaffirmed by real experiences. He came to know that nobody is bad. It’s just the situation that makes a person look bad. He thought over the same thing that why Ryan was portraying himself bad? He though it for weeks. He couldn’t find the answer. He was going to ask Ryan himself. So he went over his house. Sadly, at the same time, Ryan was dealing with some family stress. He was frustrated. John recognized that. He forced him to tell everything that was going on. Let me portray that conversation.
J- What is it? Is it work, family? Did you screw up?
R- NO! no. The only problem is I…I didn’t screw up.
J- What?
R- I am a perfect husband, son, employee. Nobody is mad at me.
J- So why are you so mad at yourself?
R- Because I am done.
J- For what?
R- I am done being the person everyone likes. I just wished so much for everyone. I just wanted to help everyone and I did. I did but I got so carried away that I am not a single person anymore. I am heartless, and inspiration as a manager. I am the most romantic person alive as a husband. I am the best son to be. I am everything I was supposed to be. But something feels terribly wrong. I..I…
J- The reason you have that feeling is that you don’t know anymore who you are. You are everything but not Ryan. Back from the time when changed. That one day you made me believe that the world is harsh.
R- I don’t know what are you talking about.
J- But you changed me today, again. You showed me that how good can a person be. How a being can be so selfless. I believe strongly now that the world is not a grim. Its joy and much more than it. We just have to choose what to see.
Ryan was stumped. John left. Those were his last words before leaving Ryans house.
I don’t know what happened next. But I learned a very important lesson. You cannot be strong by just being cold, ruthless or even emotionless. There is another way to be strong. By having faith in people. By believing that the goodness in people will prevail. This story reaffirmed my faith. My judgment made me let people in. I choose to hope for good instead of being afraid of the bad. Because I know that “bad” comes conditionally. Its always up to you whether you judge people by their best or curse them for their worst. Just use the proper pair of eyes to see how much good is there inside the world. Bad can never exceed over good.

toddler wearing whit cap on green field
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It is destined that Good always triumphs over bad. Hope was, is and always will be stronger than fear.

Top 10 productivity tips in your everyday life.

Ever wondered is there any way to change your daily tiresome routine into something jubilant? Don’t worry we got you covered. Here at Prolohy, we are listing out top 10 productivity tips to boost out your life.

1)Drink water

nature water blue abstract
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You probably know how much our body is dependent of water. Science says its better to drink at least 4-5 liters of water a day. Why? Let us see:

1. Our body is made up of 70% of water. So it is obvious that it needs water to keep it intact!

2. Drinking more water boosts your metabolism.

3. It helps in the regulation of various processes.

4. It powers up your brain. It will help you to perform various challenging tasks, more easily.

5. It will help you to stay fresh all the time.

6. It helps you to reduce anxiety and stress.

7. Your body will stay hydrated all the time.

and many more!

Now, here’s the best way to experience the effects of drinking water:

Start your day by drinking 1-2 cups of lukewarm water before you even brush your teeth. If possible you may add lemon extract to it. It’s a great trick, and it keeps you energized the whole day.

2. Work for long hours? Try this!

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In accord with various studies that are conducted, it is proven that working for long hours without any halts can be unproductive for some people. Since here at Prolophy, we talk only about productive things lets see how you can improve on that.

Work in sessions. Make your one session is around 45mins to 2 hours or even more if and only if you are comfortable with it. then take a break of hardly 20 minutes. Try to minimize the duration in accordance with your session time. Well . in that break time meditate at least for 3 minutes. or even more, if you like it. If you are in the office just take a few deep breaths then take the half amount of very short breaths and keep doing this cycle 3 times. It can power you up all day long.

3. Utilize the free time.

Photo by Tyler Lastovich on Pexels.com


We have a lot of free time in a day. It is completely okay for you to do whatever you want in that break time, but when you have to kill your time like when stranded in traffic(provided you travel by bus or have a driver)

or waiting in a long queue, you can utilize your time. It’s time for your smartphone to prove how smart it actually is.

In this new era, we have the world at our fingertips. Anyone can do anything, learn almost everything. So here are some few tips, to really start being productive.

1.duolingo- The free yet by far the best language learning app. You can learn any language by just giving 15 mins of your daily time.

2. English-There is a wide range of English vocabulary builder apps to get that lost grip on your fantastic English! Go use that time!

3.Wikihow- This is a great website where you can learn anything you want. In addition, your learning helps wiki how to help poor people all over the world. Just click that

“Yes, I read this article”

button at the bottom of your page.

4. Meditate.

calm daylight evening grass
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Meditation not only helps you to relax but more importantly, it relaxes your mind. It helps brain muscles to relax. It boosts your brain cells. Instantly removes all of those clingy negative thoughts. It is really worth to give some time to meditate. There are various cool apps like calm and headspace to help you meditate. Try them.

5. Read.

brown book page
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Reading books is one of the efficient ways to improve your knowledge, personality, behavior, perspective and everything that comes in between.

When you are reading books you are doing productive things that are tried by millions of people and they were successful in that. So grab that book and read!


adult book book series college
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This is a very crucial habit to have. We have so many things around us. These things have different perspectives. Try learning from every situation. Whatever it may be. LEARN! If you make the habit of learning once you are intaking so much beautiful and different things at every moment. Just keep trying until it becomes a habit.

7. Make a to-do list.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

It is great to start your day by knowing what to do. When you create a to-do list, you have a clear vision of what to do. It helps you to stay organized. You get onto goals one by one. It helps you feel more productive, as you get the tasks done one by one. So in this way you start your day by feeling productive and every moment you feel more and more productive.

8.Practice thinking optimistic.

joy painting brush
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You know sometimes we don’t feel any positive. Those negative emotions flood your mind. They can affect your subconscious and they hold you back in very important series of events. You definitely don’t want that. Try being optimistic about that. Try visualizing that life of your dreams. Those luxuries those accomplishments everything.

9.Embrace criticism

man couch working laptop
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I am sure that not everyone you have ever met in your life knows you the best. And that’s why they might want to criticize you. But you know what, they are just helping you. You will clearly learn your mistakes. And if you embrace those things, you will definitely rise above yourself. Just think about it you have found a whole new weakness in you. And that golden person has given you the chance to improve upon it. Learn how to learn from criticism

10. Take a good amount of sleep

man person cute young
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I saved the best for the last! It’s true. When you sleep your mind and body are completely relaxed. They reach the most comfortable state they can. And that’s why you will be energized if you get a good amount of sleep. So that your brain can arrange your body for the next work you have to do. But that doesn’t mean you get to sleep all day. Of course not. You will be lazy from productive in a single bound.

These are some great tips. If you have a question or suggestions please let me know in the comments.

Have a good day/night/evening! 🙂

Dream, Just dream!

Aim for the moon. If you miss, you will definitely hit the stars.

landscape nature sky person
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We all have heard the famous quote. But have you practically used it?

We all have our own individual dreams. We seek particular things and experiences. But predominantly, we all wanna be successful. Now, the road to success isn’t easy, as we all know it. Is more demanding than any other thing. You need a large tank of fuel to drive on these long and rocky journeys. Which is definitely your dreams and aspirations.

Let’s consider your journey as a road trip from the place you are right now to who you wanna be, the things you wanna accomplish. In this journey, there are uphills, tough to climb. Yet providing alluring insights into life at their peaks. There are likewise low, deep downfalls. Where you may break down, only to rise up. You have the people accompanying you on your road trip, including lovers, admirers, and haters.

The aftereffect of this journey depends upon the above factors, conjointly on the paths pegged by you. The number and duration of halts you take, and speed of your progress.

Aiming for the universe- Dreaming biggest!

We all have different aspirations. Maybe you are aiming to become a great entrepreneur. Maybe your best friend wants to become an agent and your life partner wants to literally touch the stars,i.e to become an astronaut. But ask yourself one question that, is it really enough? or is it really the best you can do?

Dreaming fuels you, that’s true. But dreaming bigger even than your imagination inspires you. It drives you. You become focused. The obstacles seem undisclosable to you, objectively speaking.

If your dreams are heftier than people around you, then your actions would be much more different, productive and exceptional. Because you are dreaming exceptions, that no one other could. Again, it doesn’t make you any superior to those around you. because your competition is not in your neighborhood. It’s not even with the world. It’s with yourself.

The limit is not the sky, not the universe. There are no limits. It’s limitless.

monochrome photography of an empty road with speed limit sign
Photo by Jan Kroon on Pexels.com

Action plan

Now, just dreaming and making up all the scenarios when you will be successful, isn’t gonna cut the cake! You have to take those demanding actions. You must be willing to thrive for your dream. Give your focus, energies, everything towards your dream. Because its the only thing you wanna achieve then why not do it in the best way we can? Since your dreams are extraordinary now, so should be your actions. For long-haul dreams, start doing the small things very crucial towards your dream, right now. Paint the bigger picture. Work through it.

See, its really important that your actions are pointing in Ithe same directions as your dreams.  You don’t want to just do hard work in the wrong direction. Be a hotshot and an adroit.


What’s the use if you don’t believe in what you are doing, where do you think its gonna lead you?  Belief is a key quality to achieve your dreams. All the great people in the world didn’t know how they were gonna do it. But they believed strongly that they were gonna achieve it. They just knew that. The question is, do you?

If you are not considering what you are doing as fruitful, you are not only just wasting your time but also literally insulting your dream. I am sorry but such dreams are never accomplished. Believe in yourself. Believe in your actions.

Facing the results

It was a perfect day. I had prepared for this moment for forever. I did everything perfectly. Still, I failed. That was just misluck.

If you ever did think like that, I am there to say right into your face that it was not. Its never ever a misfortune or devils own luck. Whatever happens with you is a consequence of what action you take, and what you think. Trust me, the law of attraction is there. It’s not gonna disappear just because you don’t find it useful.

So if you fail it’s your fault. Trivial maybe, but it is. There was just something inadequate in your path. Detect it. Correct it. Revamp your method. Try again. Failure is nothing if you stand up proudly to face the music. It takes time. But if anybody can complete your exceptional dreams, it is you.

When you finally achieve what you want, it will be new, shiny jubilant and much much more. You think you will finally be satisfied with your life and will rest for the rest of your life? No, you won’t. you have experienced one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. Your mind wants more of it. You won’t stop. You will keep achieving those medals, certificates, etc.

So this is it! Make yourself mindful, and start your journey from right now. Accomplish those things out there waiting for you. GO, GO, GO!




Declutter: proven ways to declutter your mind.

What is decluttering?

The human brain is still undiscovered for the most of its part. While we don’t know much of its complexities, we do sometimes have some complex things going on in there. These things weave themselves into one another to create utter chaos. At such times our mind gets filled with a lot of things which it shouldn’t have. Its such times we need to declutter our mind.


When our mind gets cluttered, it has several bad effects. These start small, but if they are not properly taken care of they can potentially grow and trouble you. They cause various effects like lack of decisive capacity,low-temper, degradation of performance in every aspect of your self and much more things. which is why it is something probably should be taken care of.

The cause- Identifying the problem.

Research says that we think about 60k thoughts a day. Every person thinks differently. That’s why there are different causes for everyone to feel the need to declutter his/hers mind.

Stress due to negativity

We have our own low times. Its okay to feel sad or disappointed. but if these emotions are allowed to have space in our mind they create havoc and causes stress triggers. These emotions can be due to various states like depression, anxiety, fear and many more.


Of course! We work in different circumstances and more importantly, we have different kinds of yelly bosses. It is completely natural to feel stressed while working which is also the reason why it is important to stay away from stress as much as possible.

Self- doubt

Often we come across various ideas and beliefs. These may be in contrast with what you already believe in. This causes you to question your own beliefs. That’s why you need to clear on the inside.

Following are some proven most effective to declutter your mind-


Since your mind is greatly unorganized, let’s start making your schedule(including your thought processes)by keeping track of them. Journals are a great way to keep track of your emotions, schedule and everything that comes in between. There are various techniques you can use right from now

Grattitude log

To overcome your anxiety you may create a gratitude log to keep track of the beautiful things and relations and emotions and everything that you have. Read those every single day and add new items to your list every day. They will tremendously help you in keeping yourself optimistic as you notice only whats god inside of you.


This is a 20 minutes exercise to get yourself to know what exactly are you thinking by getting it on paper.

Set the timer of 20 minutes. Take a deep breath and start thinking for like 30 seconds. just after 30 seconds start writing thoughts you are thinking at that particular moment. Start at 00:30 to 20:00 without a break. Just do it. This is a great way to identify your trigger points and deal with them more clearly.


Human relations are the most amazing things in the world. They can heal any type of wounds in the heart. No matter how deep they are. That’s why sharing with your loved ones what you are feeling will help you declutter a lot. It’s not silly or even cheesy to share things.  According to the research interviews conducted by me it proved to be 71% more effective when done right away. So find the people where you can share your emotions.

You can also use various online platforms for this. And don’t forget, my email Id has its doors always open for you.

Love is the strongest positive emotion.


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Physical decluttering

As you want to declutter your mind, your vision should also be clean. Just clean your workspace, your room. As your eyes perceive everything as organized it will help your mind to let unwanted things go this method has proven 90% effective. Because-

Your mind percieves what it sees.

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Media Intake

There are 7 billion people out there! Everyone thinks differently. Everyone has their own principles, values and even sense of humor. when we continuously watch those different series, those different articles(including this one!) There will be much clutter inside your mind. you will have a tough time making decisions because there is a lack of root principles. So to avoid that, stop watching TV, Netflix and whatever you do which has the potential to make your mind chaos.

Zone out

Go out for a walk, not just because you want to take your dog for one but because you need to. Just go out there and observe the things around you, preferably try to not to listen to music. Just observe what’s going on. This will help you a lot to remove those unwanted and unimportant thoughts. It will free up some space in your mind.

You may want to do exercise while going out for a walk. It is proven to double the effectiveness of the method.

Zone in

If for some reason you are not able to go out, then don’t worry we got you covered. You can stay home and declutter your mind with triple the effectiveness. You can meditate. Don’t try to skip this one! I repeat don’t scroll down! Meditating is nothing but breathing. You may breathe any way you please. Just take deep breaths for a little while. If you don’t want to do meditation fine! Just breathe!


Do nothing at all! Probably the best way! Just take a break. Do nothing. Just look at the sunset or just sleep or – go through- no, don’t do that. In fact, don’t do anything. Just relax! Because sometimes,

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When comfort is not enough.

Yubing Zhang an ambitious woman, was standing on the worlds largest bungee jumping platform. She was just a few seconds away before the jump. And she realized that her mind was telling her, “you can’t do this.” The operator tied the cord to her ankle. she could feel the weight of the rope as the operator throws the slack in the air.she was standing on the edge of the platform trying to balance herself against the wind. A moment later, she turned back and told the operator that she wants to quit. that she couldn’t do it. Right when she turned away from the platform, she read a quote that was right on the glass in front of her. It read,

Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.

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She turned right back and jumped from the platform.
And what did she find? She found that this is the beauty she was wanting to see. this is the beauty she was wanting to experience. This is something she wanted for a long time, but her fear was keeping her from taking the jump. and when she took the jump she realized that it was not as scary as it looked.
We all want to pursue our passions. We all want to do that one thing that we’ve always wanted to do. We all want to go out there and take that experience. But our fear holds us back. You want to start that business startup. But you are afraid to give up everything that you have for a dream with uncertainty. You want to go out and sing but you are afraid what if it doesn’t work out the way you want it to. You want to be with that person for all of your life, but you are afraid to confess it. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of so many different things is holding us back. Because fear is what confines you in your comfort zone.
And when you try to push this comfort zone, it pushes you back. It stops you from doing the things you are so passionate for.
We all are scared of different things. And it is okay to be scared. But how to overcome this? How to get out of this comfort zone? How to work beyond this comfort zone?
You may be afraid, but it’s these moments where you have to find the courage to stand up. To jump from the edge of your comfort zone to discover the excitement, amazingness, and fascination in life that awaits you. It’s these times, where you have to know that you can live the life of your dreams. This fear is a human emotion. But isn’t it also human to rise above your weaknesses and fears? Isn’t it also human to be your own hero?
Yes, it is. You can do everything and anything you want to without being afraid. Go out there and do it. You will find that

It is not as scary as it looks.

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Be the person you always wanted to be. Forget those limits, reasons that are holding you back. You can break through all of them. You can live fearless, limitless. I can’t guarantee your success or failure. But I can guarantee that when you go fearless, you will discover new limits. You will have pushed yourself beyond your comfort zone. You will start finding new lines to cross. New fears to overcome.Until,

You become comfortable with the uncomfortable.

And you know what the surprising thing is? You won’t stop even when you get everything you wanted. Because now you are living the life of your dreams and you wouldn’t stop living this life of your dreams!!