Ovethinking- Stop it

What exactly is Overthinking?
Overthinking is nothing but feeling superabundant. It can lead to unhealthy consequences if not concluded. An individual starts thinking way too much about something literally irrelevant. They feel the depths of their emotions, particularly negative ones. It can also lead to various mental health disorders.
Primarily when people don’t feel like they are being heard they start to think emphatically. They feel they don’t have anyone to talk to and that’s why they increase their thinking speed! Although there are various reasons observed for people to overthink,
here are some 7 effective ways to stop overthinking.
1.Being receptive
Just like anything you ever wish to change, you need to be aware of your overthinking. Be aware of your thoughts. Think about what you are thinking! It will take a while to come around such a thing, but once you do it will help you to keep track of your thoughts. Don’t try to suppress your thoughts. Just look at them from a different perspective.

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Be positive. This is the most effective way to overcome overthinking. Be grateful for who you are. How you are different from others. And be ecstatic for the fact that you have the outstanding courage to be different in the midst of all the people around you. Don’t let any negative thoughts overwhelm you. Instead, overwhelm them. As you have the power to choose who you want to be, choose to be positive. Use positive affirmations. Have a positive outlook, explore the world with an optimistic perspective.

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3.Wider perspective.
Look at yourself from a wider perspective. Think about what are you worried about now, is it gonna matter after 5 years of your life? I bet you will get to know that it will be insignificant. So instead of wallowing get yourself off that depressing bed and get yourself out of this funk! I mean seriously, you have great things planned ahead of you. And this is not what you planned. Neither you plan on being a failure. Look and feel from above about what you feel.

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4. No soap can kill 100% germs. They can only kill 99.99%!!!!
I know it sounds silly but its true. Nobody is perfect. Because there is literally no one who can tell you what exactly is perfect. You cross a line and then notice that there is a new line to cross. Life is limitless. You can never be perfect. Accept it and grow through your flaws.

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5.Time limit
Be your own boss. Make your own deadlines. Work your ass off to complete those tasks. Don’t give your mind to think those thoughts which deteriorate your productivity. Instead get your mind used to be productive.

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Now at the end of a long working day, where you gave your best and are very upbeat with such a productive day. OR today you did nothing. you just wasted your time without even knowing it. Whatever is the outcome, reflect it at the end of the day. If you did everything as it was supposed to be, give a pat on the back! Unfortunately, if it didn’t work out for you then understand what went wrong. Learn from your mistakes. Burn the bridges. Make sure it won’t happen again. Get ready for the next day.

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7. Be a person of action.
Here is the next day. You have prepared your to-do list and are ready to take action. So the first task is to go through a painstaking pile of paper. Then you say to yourself, maybe it is better if you do this at some other time of the day. And you move on to a much easier task. You give it exceedingly more than enough time. And then you end up having less than enough time to complete your to-do list. This shouldn’t happen. If you decide something, then nobody is supposed to change it. Not even you. Complete your to-do list as fast as you can. Get your head out of the clouds back to the desk where it belongs. Take charge of what needs to be done.

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So these were the 7 most effective tips. It will definitely work for you. If it doesn’t please let me know in the comments. And of course, you can mail me anytime you feel up to.