Are you afraid of change? How does it matter?

When do you think that everything is going fine, suddenly something happens? Completely unexpected. You get frozen at the ground, afraid to move. This fear is not even has a trigger. Why does this matter? Where does it come from?

This is how I see it.

When something happens with us good or bad, different than our usual routine we blame someone or something. We take it so unexpectedly that it sometimes breaks us.

But the truth is it is not unexpected. If you take a moment, and a deep breath along with it, you will come to know that it was gonna happen and you knew it. You just didn’t care to notice it or you failed to notice it. You got so comfortable with your previous state that you didn’t see what was coming and that’s why its hard for you now.

It won’t be like that forever. Unless you make it too. you have two alternatives now

1)Do nothing

2)Embrace the change.

Of course, I am gonna talk about the 2nd way.

Suppose you find a new job. Now the boss here is so annoying. She constantly thrashes me. She finds faults in a perfect work. She doesn’t see her own faults. She should not be the one who gets to thrash as she is not perfect in the first place. and blah..blah…blah.

I can’t do this job. I am frustrated. I am having fevers, headache because of this job and ta-daah! here is my resignation.

Instead, you can think about it in a very positive way.

This is new. The environment here is new. It’s different. Challenging. I am doing those things that all my previous colleagues are not doing. I am learning new things. I am breaking limits. I am pushing myself. I am reaching new limits.

The moment you find this thought a place in your mind, it will help you to adapt yourself to a new environment. You will learn how to embrace change. You will learn how to change with the situation. and trust me this quality is pure gold. with this quality, you can find your comfort zone in anything you do. And that will help you to achieve excellence in everything in you do.

So from now don’t fear the change instead embrace the change.

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