Aim for the moon. If you miss, you will definitely hit the stars.

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We all have heard the famous quote. But have you practically used it?

We all have our own individual dreams. We seek particular things and experiences. But predominantly, we all wanna be successful. Now, the road to success isn’t easy, as we all know it. Is more demanding than any other thing. You need a large tank of fuel to drive on these long and rocky journeys. Which is definitely your dreams and aspirations.

Let’s consider your journey as a road trip from the place you are right now to who you wanna be, the things you wanna accomplish. In this journey, there are uphills, tough to climb. Yet providing alluring insights into life at their peaks. There are likewise low, deep downfalls. Where you may break down, only to rise up. You have the people accompanying you on your road trip, including lovers, admirers, and haters.

The aftereffect of this journey depends upon the above factors, conjointly on the paths pegged by you. The number and duration of halts you take, and speed of your progress.

Aiming for the universe- Dreaming biggest!

We all have different aspirations. Maybe you are aiming to become a great entrepreneur. Maybe your best friend wants to become an agent and your life partner wants to literally touch the stars,i.e to become an astronaut. But ask yourself one question that, is it really enough? or is it really the best you can do?

Dreaming fuels you, that’s true. But dreaming bigger even than your imagination inspires you. It drives you. You become focused. The obstacles seem undisclosable to you, objectively speaking.

If your dreams are heftier than people around you, then your actions would be much more different, productive and exceptional. Because you are dreaming exceptions, that no one other could. Again, it doesn’t make you any superior to those around you. because your competition is not in your neighborhood. It’s not even with the world. It’s with yourself.

The limit is not the sky, not the universe. There are no limits. It’s limitless.

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Action plan

Now, just dreaming and making up all the scenarios when you will be successful, isn’t gonna cut the cake! You have to take those demanding actions. You must be willing to thrive for your dream. Give your focus, energies, everything towards your dream. Because its the only thing you wanna achieve then why not do it in the best way we can? Since your dreams are extraordinary now, so should be your actions. For long-haul dreams, start doing the small things very crucial towards your dream, right now. Paint the bigger picture. Work through it.

See, its really important that your actions are pointing in Ithe same directions as your dreams.  You don’t want to just do hard work in the wrong direction. Be a hotshot and an adroit.


What’s the use if you don’t believe in what you are doing, where do you think its gonna lead you?  Belief is a key quality to achieve your dreams. All the great people in the world didn’t know how they were gonna do it. But they believed strongly that they were gonna achieve it. They just knew that. The question is, do you?

If you are not considering what you are doing as fruitful, you are not only just wasting your time but also literally insulting your dream. I am sorry but such dreams are never accomplished. Believe in yourself. Believe in your actions.

Facing the results

It was a perfect day. I had prepared for this moment for forever. I did everything perfectly. Still, I failed. That was just misluck.

If you ever did think like that, I am there to say right into your face that it was not. Its never ever a misfortune or devils own luck. Whatever happens with you is a consequence of what action you take, and what you think. Trust me, the law of attraction is there. It’s not gonna disappear just because you don’t find it useful.

So if you fail it’s your fault. Trivial maybe, but it is. There was just something inadequate in your path. Detect it. Correct it. Revamp your method. Try again. Failure is nothing if you stand up proudly to face the music. It takes time. But if anybody can complete your exceptional dreams, it is you.

When you finally achieve what you want, it will be new, shiny jubilant and much much more. You think you will finally be satisfied with your life and will rest for the rest of your life? No, you won’t. you have experienced one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. Your mind wants more of it. You won’t stop. You will keep achieving those medals, certificates, etc.

So this is it! Make yourself mindful, and start your journey from right now. Accomplish those things out there waiting for you. GO, GO, GO!




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