When things look the bleakest…..

A friend of mine was very passionate about a particular type of work he wanted to get done. He was so dedicated and gave his best(at least he thought he did) but in the end, he failed to achieve what he was wanting to achieve. He broke apart, froze. Went from Mr.sunshine to who knows what. When I talked to him he told me about how he felt. At first, he refused to talk about it. He said it made no sense. But when I forced my way into his mind, I discovered he has completely lost hope. He had no expectations of him or anyone or anything. He was just watching at the things in front of him, feeling empty.

Well, his parents saw treatments for him and he was cured. So his concerns are not our concerns now. But, why did this happen? Did he really give his best? Or was his mind painting an illusion for him?

I don’t know the answer. But we have to take care that it doesn’t happen to us. Again, it might not be possible for some people to be hopeful and happy all the time. We all have our moments. So we must the know the way to come out of it.

When things like this happen we lose hope. We see all the roads dark and rocky. We trap ourselves into some boundaries. Not even able to dream of an escape. At such time we feel fearful, painful, hurting and even hopeless and so on.

Accept it. Everybody is afraid. It’s you, me and the also the person who has it all. But somebody of us has to stand up. Find the courage even when you feel there is none. Fight those feelings, even if you don’t want to. Because these feelings live on our fears. Just ask yourself, what would you do if you were not afraid? what would you do at this very moment, if you know there isn’t any fear inside you? You will get your answer. You will know the fact that what are you supposed to do to lead to that life where you was happy and joyful and many different things.

When you break this barrier, these limits, these barricades you will know that they weren’t there. Only the fear, hopelessness and those other negative feelings kept you from doing what you were supposed to do. That’s when you learn what went wrong, and why did it happen. Now you don’t question anything because everything is clear to you. and you know where to go and what to do. That’s when you know that the things aren’t hopeless. And hope can’t win over fear.

It turns out to be that all the negative feelings aren’t as much negative. Because they help you to emerge yourself into a more positive version of yourself.

Next time, when things look the bleakest, ask yourself “what would I do if there was no fear?”.And always remember that

HOPE is far far stronger than FEAR.